Saturday, April 08, 2017

23 shitty things

The link lists 23 shitty things Trump has done since becoming president. There are more since this list was made. I am on the fence about the Syrian bombing. I think something had to be done, of course, but bombing never seems to amount to anything but more bombing and subsequently more terrorist attacks which lead to more bombing... well you see the pattern. I hope to heaven those Americans who voted for this ass are happy. He seems to be shitting on everything that your country was built on.  I promised myself I would no longer swear but then Trump became president so..all bets are off. Now the rest of the world hates you again. Most of us aren't going to attack you for that. The few who will..well.. I foresee another 9/11 in your future. Understand I do not wish that upon you. I am not affiliated with any group or anyone who could facilitate that. I am saying I fear this for you. I fear this for all of us. This man needs to be run out of the white house and politics period. He is wrong for America. He is not safe for public consumption. He does not deserve this position.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My boss lost his 50 year old sister to cancer this week. She leaves behind three daughters. The youngest 19. It started as breast cancer. This breaks my heart. She fought so heart. She didn't want to leave. I don't care how many things you can think to say to try and comfort her survivors.  Nothing would matter. Cancer is evil. It eats people. It tears families asunder.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Trump? Seriously?

I held back voicing my opinion on this as I really thought the joke would have ended by now. It turns out that it is not a joke. Americans are serious about this and that is frightening.. wake up please? The POTUS is a civil servant not a CEO. Can you honestly see Trump being a civil servant? Nothing about his history or behavior suggests servitude or civility. Wow can we just stop this nonsense now so that the other candidates can be heard clearly?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

attacks on Mosques and Muslim individuals just prove to the terrorists that they are right. That we are racist people who deserve to die. This hatred born of fear is senseless and illogical. ISIS is representative of Islam as much as the KKK is representative of Christianity. We are just, free and humane people. We must continue to be so. Or they win and we might as well lay down and let them kill us.
Paris tries to heal